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About is a cool free online multiplayer action Io game which is available for several platforms, from the web browser to mobile devices like iOS and Android. Since the release date in August 2018, which was developed by Night Steed Games has become very popular because it is ready to bring an incredibly exciting match. is a great game that offers a small arena, which can contain hundreds of players at once. Everybody from around the world gathers and checks out their power through bloody battles. They can prove their capability through the leaderboard. Just collect the most kills and they will have the chance to dominate the top spot. Keep in mind that you cannot find an ally in! You must rely on the own skills to defend yourself and eliminate other people. game

After you pick out the weapon that you like most, you are able to press the Play button and discover the battleground your way. Roam around the map and you can hop into the conflict in an instant as your rivals appear everywhere. Select a prey and approach him later. Swing your gear and launch critical strikes to slaughter him. At the moment, you are also attacked by somebody nearby. You’d better keep an eye on the health bar of you and other opponents around you so you can figure out the appropriate strategy. You can stay or run away if necessary. You are recommended to survive as long as possible if you’d like to conquer the highest position on the ranking. Each time you finish off the target, you will fill up your experience which is helpful to fulfill the current stage and step into the next level. Not only that, you can gather coins and spend them on buying stuff in the shop.


  • In, you will fight for gold and glory.
  • Blood effects
  • Variety of achievements – Unlock them to earn bonus coins
  • Evolve your hero
  • Health system – A person will require many hits before they are destroyed
  • Level system – You will access more upgrades reserved for your equipment and character so you can improve your ability and obtain permanent stat boosts.
  • Various heroes and weapon appearance
  • Daily rewards: open the box in order to obtain lots of coins. It is the first step that you are forced to complete before you move to the lobby.

How to play

  • Use the mouse cursor to control your movement when joining game
  • Press the left mouse button to cause damage to your antagonists.
  • Hold the right mouse button to speed up. Strategy

Players in are advised to loot orbs and update their tools quickly. Good items will be the key to gain the best multi-kills.

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